The Ant And The Dove Story With Moral In English

The ant and the dove story: Friends, in this post I am sharing the story of an ant and the dove. This story (the ant and the dove story) is a moral story for children, which teaches them to work with understanding in the time of adversity and help others selflessly.

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The ant and the dove story is an old story and has always been popular among children.

The Ant And The Dove Story With Moral In English

The Ant And The Dove Story With Moral In English

It was a long time ago. It was the month of June. It was scorching heat. On this hot afternoon, a small thirsty ant was roaming around in search of water.

After wandering for a long time, he saw a river that flowed through a forest. She was very happy to see the river and quickly moved towards the river.

When she reached the bank of the river, her thirst increased further after seeing the cold water flowing in the river. She could not go directly into the river to drink water because the water was flowing very fast in the river.

So, climbing a small stone lying on the banks of the river, she started trying to drink water. But in this effort, she lost her balance and fell into the river. As soon as the river fell into the water, it started flowing in a sharp stream. Now he started seeing his death. Suddenly, a leaf from somewhere fell in front of him. Ant tried to climb on that leaf and she was also successful in this effort.

The leaf was thrown by a pigeon sitting on a huge banyan tree on the banks of the river. He saw the ant falling into the water and wanted to save his life. The ant was flowing with the leaf in the sharp edge of the river when the pigeon sitting on the tree came down and carefully held the leaf in its beak and placed it on the dry ground.

In this way, the ant's life was saved with the help of the pigeon's selfless spirit. The ant started to thank the mind pigeon and became indebted to her forever. Ant and pigeon became good friends and the days passed happily. However, just a few days after the incident, a hunter reached the forest.

That pigeon was sitting on that huge banyan tree by the river. The hunter saw the beautiful pigeon and immediately shot his gun. At the same time, an eagle was also sitting on the top of the tree to hunt the pigeon and was eyeing the pigeon.


The ant, which was saved by the pigeon, was watching the incident. She too came forward to save the pigeon. He bit the hunter's heel vigorously. The hunter screamed with pain. He missed his target and caught the eagle sitting nearby. The pigeon flew away after hearing the shouting of the hunter!

In this way, the ant saved the pigeon's life and repaid the favour he had committed.

Moral of the ant and the dove story

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At the end of the ant and the dove story

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