The Boy Who Cried Wolf Story with Moral for Kids

Friends, in this post I am sharing a new story for kids called the boy who cried wolf story with moral. The shepherd boy who cried wolf is an educative story for children, which teaches them to work with patience and not to lie. The story of the shepherd boy and the wolf is an old story and has always been popular among children.

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf Story with Moral

The Boy Who Cried Wolf Story with Moral for Kids

A long time ago, there lived a shepherd boy in a village. He had many sheep, which he used to go to the meadow near the forest to graze.

Every morning he used to take the sheep to the meadow near the forest. Sheep grazed there and the shepherd would sit under a tree and watch over them. In the evening he would return home with all his sheep.

The whole day the sheep would graze on the grass and the boy would get bored sitting. Sitting under the tree all day long, his time was spent with great difficulty. He thought that I wish there would be some fun and adventure in my life too. Because of this, he used to find new ways to entertain himself every day.

One day while grazing the sheep, he came across new mischief. He thought, why not this time entertainment should be done with the villagers. Thinking of this, he started shouting loudly, “Save! Save! There is a wolf! He is going to eat all our sheep. Help!”

When some farmer working in the fields situated at some distance from there, heard the voice of the shepherd,
They came running to help him with sticks. 

As soon as the farmers reached there, they saw that there was no wolf there and the shepherd was laughing holding his stomach.

"Hahaha, it was a lot of fun. I was joking. hahaha! " - laughed the shepherd boy.

The farmers were very angry after hearing these words of the shepherd. A man said that we all have come to save you after leaving our work and you are laughing?

Farmers scolded and warned him not to make such jokes after today. Then they returned to their respective works.

The shepherd boy enjoyed this very much. He did not take his warnings seriously. After a few days, he started shouting again, “Help! Help! There is a wolf! He is trying to eat all our sheep. Please save our sheep!”

On hearing this, the farmers working in the field again rushed to help the shepherd to avoid any mishap.

When the farmer reached there, he saw the shepherd boy is standing comfortably with his sheep and laughing out loud looking at the farmer.

The farmers again scolded and warned the shepherd. But it had no effect on him. After that, every now and then he kept calling the farmers in the same way as “Help! Help! There is a wolf! Help!”. The farmers also kept coming thinking that no untoward incident should happen to the child. But they were getting very upset by his mischief. By doing this repeatedly, the farmers stopped trusting the shepherd's words.

One day the shepherd boy was playing the flute sitting in the shade of the tree. Suddenly a wolf really came there. He shouted for help, "Save! Save! There is a wolf! He is going to eat all our sheep. Please save my sheep!"

The farmer working in the field again heard the cry of the shepherd. But this time no one paid any heed to him. The farmers, fed up with his mischief, thought that even today this child is trying to harass them. So they did not go to help him.

The shepherd was shouting incessantly, "Hey someone, come, help me, drive away from this wolf", but this time no one reached there to help him.

Fearing the wolf, he himself climbed a tree. And the wolf devoured all his sheep one by one. When the shepherd did not come home for many nights, the villagers reached the forest looking for him. On reaching there, he saw that the shepherd was crying sitting on the tree.

The villagers pulled the shepherd from the tree. The shepherd's life was saved that day, but his beloved sheep had become the prey of the wolf. The shepherd realized his mistake. He apologized to the villagers and the farmers. And vowed that he would never lie again and would never disturb others.

Moral of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" Story:

The boy who cried wolf story teaches us that one should never lie. Repeated lying hurts people's trust and no one helps us when the time comes. If you want to be someone's confidant, then always stay with the truth.

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