ISRO - India's Growing Steps in Space

ISRO - India's Growing Steps in Space

The pride of India, in front of which the world bowed before its success. One of its actions becomes the headlines of TV channels and newspapers. The name of which every Indian is proud of is "ISRO", which has set an example in front of the world in the field of space research, whose organization like NASA also hesitates. And why not hesitate? It has rocked the world with its adventures. So let's want about ISRO -

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ISRO - India's growing steps in space

ISRO - Incredible Story of ISRO

Indian Space Research Organization

Established - 15 August 1969

By whom - Vikram Sarabhai

Headquarters - Bengaluru, Karnataka India

"ISRO" full form - Indian Space Research Organization

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is one of the largest space organizations in the world, and India is setting new records in the field of science and space.

At the same time, ISRO has made its own identity in the country and the world on the basis of new discoveries and experiments. ISRO provides space-related technologies to India and develops them.

Along with this, it also works for making war-related weapons for the security of the country. At the same time, if there is anything related to space, then the name of ISRO is first taken.

What is ISRO and who established it?

ISRO is India's largest space agency, fully named the Indian Space Research Organization, which takes care of the maintenance and maintenance of national space resources. ISRO's main job is to provide India with technology related to space systems such as satellites, launch vehicles, and ground rockets with sounding rockets. It is controlled by the Department of Space which sends the report directly to the Prime Minister of India.

ISRO has established many great records in history with its new experiments and discoveries and has made India's name in the field of science in front of the whole world.

The headquarters of ISRO is located in Bangalore, which works as per the instructions of the Government of India and reports all the work done in the Space Center directly to the Prime Minister.
ISRO was founded on August 15, 1959, by Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai. He is also called the father of India's space program.

ISRO launched its first satellite on 19 April 1975. The Prime Minister of India at that time was Mrs Indira Gandhi. ISRO has a space centre in a total of 21 cities in India. ISRO has left a distinct imprint all over the world with its amazing experiments and new discoveries.

History of ISRO? - ISRO History

The Indian Space Research Organization began in the 1920s when scientist SK Mitra invented a variety of land-based radio systems in Kolkata.

Later, famous scientists like CV Raman also came forward to form such scientific principles.

Vikram Sarabhai and Homi Bhabha contributed significantly to the development of ISRO in the year 1945 when many important experiments related to space research started. He created space research using a variety of experiments, in which he first studied cosmic rays. After this, air tests etc. were done.

At the same time, after seeing a lot of exploration and construction, the Government of India showed its interest in space research.

After this, the Department of Atomic Energy was also established to provide funds for space research in India. Then slowly, by making new discoveries and experiments, the trust of the Indian people was won in the things related to space, because before this the people had no faith in the things related to space.

After this, in 1962, it was decided to form the Indian National Research Committee.
This committee, together with Vikram Sarabhai, built a rocket launching station at Thumba in Thiruvananthapuram to research the upper atmosphere. Then in 1969, the Space Research Organization was named ISRO.

By 1979, ISRO had succeeded in building its own fully indigenous satellite, but still had to seek the help of other countries to launch the satellite in space, but in 1980 it was also successful in space by making its own satellite Launched with.

In this way, ISRO launched a fully indigenous satellite that was built and launched entirely in India.

At the same time, ISRO set many records in the field of science by making many new discoveries and experiments and raised India's head in front of the whole world. You will be proud to know that India along with America, Japan, Russia, China, and France are among the countries in the world which have the ability to make satellite in their country and send it to space.
With ISRO launching more than 100 satellites in India so far, it has demonstrated India's power by launching satellites for many countries all over the world, which is a matter of pride for every Indian.

Amazing work of ISRO

The main job of ISRO, one of the largest space agencies in the world, is to provide and develop all types of space-related technologies for India.

ISRO Space Vehicle Launches and Sounding Raw With Kate's design making, she realizes her development and launches them right into space. By 2019, ISRO has sent about 370 satellites into space.

ISRO also makes some powerful weapons for the country, for war or any mission.
ISRO handles many responsibilities including disaster management and management of natural resources. ISRO also looks after all kinds of equipment related to space etc.

Apart from this, ISRO also designs systems based on satellite and space for the operation of big boats.

Important Achievements of ISRO - ISRO Achievements

ISRO, India's largest space agency, has set many big records so far. Let us tell you that ISRO has launched about 105 satellites till the year 2019. The main achievements of ISRO are as follows-

On 19 April 1975, ISRO launched the country's first satellite Aryabhata.

ISRO launched the country's first SLV-3 experimental on 10 August 1979.

ISRO launched its first communication satellite Apple 1981, on June 19. After this, INSAT-2 was launched in 1992, the first satellite of the INSAT series.

The PSLV series was first launched on September 20, 1993, while ISRO set a new record in 2001 by replacing GSLV with GSLV-1 in Orbit.

In 2008, ISRO achieved the biggest achievement by launching Chandrayaan-1. It took about 5 days to reach the moon and it took about 15 days to set up in the moon's orbit. The Chandrayaan-1 mission enhanced the pride of India by discovering water on the moon.

After this, ISRO launched the Mars Orbiter Mission in 2013. After this, on September 24, 2014, Mangalyaan was fully placed in orbit and waved his victory in front of the whole world and with this India became the first country in the world to succeed in this mission.

In 2017, the largest Indian space research organization, which had contributed significantly to taking Indian science to new heights. ISRO has placed 104 satellites in orbit together with PSLV-C37.

ISRO launched Chandrayaan-2 on 22 July 2019. This mission was largely successful and the lander Vikram made a very hard landing on the moon's orbit.

Important and Interesting Facts Related to ISRO

ISRO's full form is "Indian Space Research Organization". ISRO has 13 centres in India, while its headquarters are in Bangalore.

ISRO was founded in 1969 by Dr Vikram Sarabhai on 15 August. He is also considered the father of the Indian space program.

Aryabhata, launched by ISRO on 19 April 1975, was the first satellite launched with the help of Russia. SLV-3 Experimental was launched on August 10, 1979, 4 years later.

ISRO sent Chandrayaan-1, an unmanned vehicle under the mission to the Moon's orbit for V research. ISRO launched it in 2008-2009 at a cost of Rs 350 crore, which was 8-9 times less than NASA. He also discovered water on the moon.

India (ISRO) is the only country to reach Mars in its first attempt. Let us tell you that many countries including China, Russia, America and the Soviet Union had failed in their first attempt.

ISRO has more unmarried scientists than any other organization around the world who did not marry.

India is the only country in the world to be successful in reaching Mars via Mangalyaan for the first time before the US failed the Soviet Union 8 times and China and Russia in the first attempt.

ISRO was awarded the Indira Gandhi Award in 2014 for peace, disarmament and development.

ISRO sent Chandrayaan-2 mission in July 2019. This mission was largely successful and the lander Vikram made a hard landing on the moon's orbit.

ISRO has made its own GPS system named IRNSS like the GPS system of America.

The first indigenous satellite launched by India was the director of the President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

The amount of money spent in ISRO in the last 40 years is half of what a year spent at NASA. One thing must be known from this, to achieve great success, not only money but also a brain is needed.

Pakistan's space agency named SUPARCO was established in 1961. He is still unable to make any major effort.

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