The Lion and The Mouse Story with Moral for kids

The Lion and The Mouse Story for Kids

Friends, in this post we are sharing the lion and the mouse story for kids with morals. This story is an educative story for children, which teaches them to work with patience and understanding in times of adversity. The story of the lion and the mouse is an old story and has always been popular among children.

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The Lion and The Mouse Story

The Lion and The Mouse Story with Picture for Kids

Once upon a time, It was a scorching summer in the month of May. In the afternoon, The king lion was sleeping in the shade of a tree in the forest. A mouse was living in a hole near the same tree. He too got out of his hole and started bouncing near the sleeping lion.

The lion wakes up due to the mouse jumping. He held the mouse in his paws. The poor little mouse shivered with fear and said to the lion, "O king of the forest, please forgive me. One day I will repay this favour."

Hearing the words of the little mouse, the lion laughed aloud and said, "You are very small, how can you help a powerful king like me? Still, the lion has pity on the little mouse. He released the mouse. The mouse immediately escaped from there.

A few days later, the mouse heard the lion's painful roar. He immediately exited from his hole. He saw the lion trapped in a great crisis. And at this time he can help him.

The lion was trapped in a hunter's net. He tried hard to get out of the net, but he did not succeed. The mouse came running to the lion. He said to the lion, "O king of the jungle, don't worry at all. I just get you out of this hunter's net. The mouse started munching the hunter's net with his sharp teeth. Soon the mouse munched the whole net and then the lion was freed from the hunter's net.

The lion thanked the mouse and walked towards his cave.

Moral of The Lion and The Mouse Story

Moral - The power of small creatures should not be underestimated.

The Lion and The Mouse Story Video

Don't forget to see the video of the mouse and the lion story below:

Video Source: YouTube - T-Series Kids Hut

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At the end of the story:

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