The Fox and the Grapes Story with Moral for Kids

The Fox And The Grapes Story: Friends, in this post I am sharing the story of a fox and grapes. This story (The Fox And The Grapes Story) is one of the popular legends of Aesop. The fox is made the main character in this entire story. This is a moral story that teaches us how to move forward in life.

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What is this story? And what will we all learn from this story? Let's read:

The Fox And The Grapes Story With Moral For Kids

The Fox And The Grapes Story With Moral For Kids

The Fox and The Grapes Story with Moral

It was a long time ago. A fox lived in a forest. One day she was hungry and thirsty and wandering in the forest in search of food. She wandered from dawn to dusk, but she could not find a victim.

She was very tired. To save her life, she reached a small village near the forest in the evening.

He saw a field in the village. In the hope that he will get something to eat, the fox, suffering from hunger, entered the field. Grapefruit was planted on a tall tree in the field, on which sweet and juicy grape flakes were planted.

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Seeing these sweet and juicy grape flakes, saliva started dripping from the fox's mouth. She wanted to satisfy her hunger and thirst by eating those juicy grapes.

The fox glanced at a bunch of grapes and leapt. The bunch of grapes was on a very high cast. So he was out of reach of the fox and his first attempt was in vain.

The fox's hunger was increasing. He thought why not try another.

This time she leapt a little harder. But this time also failed to reach the grapes.

The fox kept bouncing around for a while trying to reach the grapes. But how much of a hungry-thirsty fox wandered in the forest for a day?

She tired and sat under the tree and started looking at the grapes with a keen eye. He understood that reaching the vineyard is not a matter of his power. So after seeing the juicy grapes hanging on the tree for some time, she got up and started leaving.

She had abandoned the idea of ​​eating grapes. The monkey sitting on a tree nearby was watching him for a long time. Seeing the hungry thirsty fox go sad, he could not resist himself and asked, "What happened fox sister?" Why are you going back? Will, you do not eat grapes? "

The fox stopped and looked at the monkey and said with a smiling smile, "No monkey brother, I do not eat such grapes. These are very sour."

Moral of The Fox and The Grapes Story

When we are unable to achieve anything, then we start hiding our weaknesses or ignoring the lack of our efforts. Often, defects are found in that thing. While there is a need, to recognize your weaknesses and to overcome them, to work intelligently, and to keep going continuously till you succeed. Nothing is gained in life by blaming others. If anything is achieved, with hard work and effort.

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