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Jack Ma success story| Biography & Awards

If seen, everyday many people in the world get fired or knock on the doors of companies to get jobs. Some of them get jobs and some do not. But there are few people in the world who think of opening their own company if they do not get a job.

One of these people is an obsessive, hardworking, insane to work man named Jack Ma who is one of the richest people in China.

Who built Alibaba, China's largest e-commerce site.

Once for a job in KFC when KFC first came to Jack Ma's town. 24 people had applied for this job, out of which 23 people were selected but the only Jack Ma was not selected. You can estimate from this point how much he has eaten in his life. Let's know the story of Jack Ma moving from Arsh to Persh.

• Early life / background

Jack Ma was born on 10 September 1964 in Hanzhau village of Zejiang province, China.

Jack used to work in the traditional drama and narration of Maa's parents, and this was his livelihood.

Jack Ma had a desire to learn English since childhood. He did not resort to any teacher to learn English. They cycled daily to the hotel near the house where foreign nationals often stayed. Jack Ma initially spoke with him in broken English as Chinese was the main language in China and learning English was not considered necessary.

Now he used to guide foreign people to the city for free in his spare time. Due to which his practice was also done and his English was also improved.

He did the same thing for nine years. In an interview, he said that during this time he not only learned English but also learned the technique and style of Westerners.

While guiding these foreigners, he became deeply friends with a foreign friend. Joe wrote letters to him after leaving and the same foreign friend named him "Jack" because it was very difficult to speak and write his name in Chinese. He has since been known as Jack.

Although Jack Ma was not very good in studies, he failed twice in the fifth grade. And in the eighth grade too, he failed three times. Later, when he passed the university entrance examination when he grew up, he failed this exam three times.

The famous Harvard University rejected him 10 times. Jack then enrolled in the Hanzhou Teachers Institute, where he passed his undergraduate examination in English in 1988.

During school, Jack was elected President of the Student Council. After graduation, he became a lecturer in English and International Business at Hanzhou University.

• Start of career

Jack Ma started his career quite hard and challenging.

Jack Ma applied for jobs in 30 different places, but each time he felt disappointed.

Jack Ma was the first to apply for a police job but refused to see them loosely. After this, he was also rejected by KFC.

Jack ran a translation company before doing business in the Internet world.

In 1994, Jack Ma first heard the Internet name. After which he went to America and saw the Internet there and he first typed the word Beer (bear) on the Internet. Beer options of several countries were seen in front of them, but Chinese beer was not shown.

The next time he tried to find general information about China, but then he was shocked that no information was available to China on the Internet.

Jack's sadness for not knowing about his country on the Internet. Because it made them feel that China is far behind other countries in the technical field. For this reason, together with his friends, he created the first website to give information about China, Ugly.

Within five hours of the creation of this website, he received emails from some Chinese people who wanted to know about Jack. Then Jack Ma realized that a lot could be done from the Internet.

In 1995, Jack Ma, his wife and friends together collected $ 20,000 and started a company.

The main job of this company was to create websites for other companies. He named his company "China Yellow Pages".

Jack had borrowed money from his sister to start this company. But this company failed.

After this, he worked in the Commerce Ministry of China, in which he was in the post of president. After a few days, he left the job, after which he moved to his home in Hangju and started Alibaba with 17 of his friends. The success of the Alibaba company can be gauged from the fact that the company offered its IPO at 4080 rupees ($ 68) and at the end of the market it was priced at 5711 rupees ($ 93.89).

It is being touted as the largest IPO in the US so far. His personal wealth is worth about Rs 130800 crore. In 2003, Jack Ma established the Taobao Marketplace to improve the global e-commerce system. Given the increasing impact, eBay offered to buy it. But Jack Ma turned down eBay's offer and instead took $ 1 billion in aid from Yahoo's co-founder Jerry.

This richest person of China had also seen one such time when KFC (KFC) refused to give him a job.Known as Alibaba.com, this company is associated with 190 companies across the world.

In addition to the Alibaba.com website, it runs Taobao.com, China's largest shopping website. Apart from this, their website Tamall.com provides branded items to the large population of China.

Not only this, the company also has a large stake in social media like Sina Weibo in China.

In addition, it also has a significant stake in video sharing website Yauku Tudou like YouTube.

These companies provide marketing, cloud computing and logistic services. In the early days of the Alibaba company, only 18 people worked and now about 22 thousand people work.

• Personal life / marriage

Jack Ma was married to Zhang Ying and has a son and a daughter.

Jack met his wife for the first time while he was studying at Hangzhou Normal University.

Soon after graduation, the two got married in the 1980s and both started their job as teachers. Jack's wife, Wang Ying, believes "Jack is not handsome, but I fell in love with him, Because they can do many things that even handsome men cannot do.

• Honors and Awards

- Jack Ma was voted Top 10 Business Leaders of the Year by China Central Television in 2004.

- Jack Ma was elected Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2005 and named 25 Most Powerful Business People in Asia in Fortune magazine.

In 2007, he was elected Businessperson of the Year on Business Week.

- In 2008, Jack Ma was selected in the list of 30 logo of World's Best CEOs.

- In 2009, Jack was named to the World's "100 Most Influential Persons" list by Time magazine, and the same year he was voted Top 10 Most Respected Entrepreneurs in China by Forbes China.

- Jack Ma was selected by Forbes Asia in 2010 as one of Asia's Heroes of Philanthropy for natural disaster management and poverty alleviation.

- Jack Ma was awarded his doctorate in 2013 by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

- In 2014, Forbes was ranked 30th in the list of the world's most powerful people.

- Jack was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year at The Asian Awards in 2015.

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