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Mystery, History and Real Facts of the Bermuda Triangle

There are innumerable mysteries in the world which have become puzzles that could not be solved even with the help of modern techniques. The Bermuda Triangle built on the southeast coast of America is hidden in similar mysteries.

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To this day, the largest aeroplanes have surprisingly disappeared. With the help of both the team and the force, they have not been detected to date.

Mystery and history of the Bermuda Triangle

What is Bermuda Triangle - Mystery and Real Facts

Bermuda got this name in 1964. The Bermuda Triangle is a fictional triangle connecting the three places of Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda Island in the United States. It is also called Devil's Triangle.

Accident: Ship and passenger suddenly disappeared - Bermuda Triangle Stories

One such incident took place on 05 December 1945 at Bermuda Triangle. Due to this scientists from all over the world were left thinking only. Hua Yun had five professional pilots of the US Navy set out towards the Bermuda Triangle during their training exercises.

But just one hour and 45 minutes later, flight leader Lt. Charles Taylor sent a message to the control centre that some strange and poor activities were happening here. Charles said that he had three Navigational Compasses that had stopped working. He did not know in which direction he was.

The form of the sea was also very different. Shortly afterwards, they lost contact with the control centre. No one could find out where the pilots went missing in this incident.

A second plane was sent to find Charles's crew, but within 27 minutes his contact also broke from the control centre and no clue of the ship and the pilots was found. There are many such incidents related to the triangle due to which Bermuda remains a mystery now.

Triangle Documents, Christopher Columbus - Bermuda Triangle Theories

Christopher Columbus was the first person to present a wonderful and incredible document about the Bermuda Triangle. Columbus reported that he and his comrades had seen a strange act of lightning on the horizon. He also saw some flames of fire in the sky.

Columbus wrote all these things in his book. Modern scholars examining this log book have hypothesized that the light seen by Columbus was produced by a fire in their canoes by the inhabitants of Tenno.

America Research on Bermuda Triangle

The research was done by the US. It is said that there is a stock of methane gas in a large part of the sea area. Due to this more bubbles arise and ships can disappear. Also, due to it being a highly magnetized field, objects made of iron stop working here and the planes deviate their way and become an accident.

Science has progressed quadrupled to this day, but no statement related to the mysteries of Bermuda has come out with full authenticity to date.

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