Ten Most Amazing Man-Made Structures of the world

Ten Most Amazing Man-Made Structures of the world 

Nature has made many such things in the world, which we are surprised to see. There are mountains, caves, beautiful views and such things which seem very beautiful, but the wonderful construction that we are talking about today is not just of nature but of human being. Man has become so adept at manufacturing technology that he has been doing many types of construction over the years and in today's time engineering has become so advanced that such things are being constructed which we cannot even think about. Come, today the world knows about some such amazing construction, it is beautiful as well as amazing.

Amazing structure of the world

1). The world's tallest and safest glass platform, China

China has no answer in the construction of cayan tower dubai. A hanging glass platform is built on the edge of a hill near Beijing. So that people can see the beauty of Jingdang forest. It is at an altitude of 1300 feet above the ground. It is the tallest glass platform in the world, which is outfitted 107 feet from the shore. In addition, it is spread over an area of ​​4467 square feet. Titanium has been used for the first time to make it safe. It is lighter and more durable than other metals.

2). Sky Deck Chicago, USA

Sky deck chicago which is located in the second highest building in america. This building named Vinis Tower has a view platform built on the 103rd floor called Sky Deck. This balcony-like platform made of glass can withstand five tons of weight. It is so wide that it can accommodate up to five people at a time. This platform, located at a height of 1353 feet, can be seen from all over Chicago. Glass has been used in many layers in its construction.

3). Glass Skywalk in Tianmen Mountain Park, China

Tianmen mountain glass skywalk, If you love adventure, there is no other option than Tianmen Mountain Park in China. The park is present in Zhangjiajie. Where a glass skywalk built at an altitude of 4,700 feet (1430 meters) will not only fill you with thrill, but will also give you a chance to test your adventure. This transparent glass passage between the upright rock is about 200 feet (60 m) long. People from every corner of the world come to see the beauty here through this skywalk. However, very few tourists can muster the courage to walk on this skywalk. The width of this glass walkway is 2.5 feet by 2.5 inches. It is a bird's eye view of Tianmen Mountain Park. Every tourist coming here has to take off his shoes before walking on the skywalk, so that this path of the glass remains clean and transparent.

4). Intercontinental Dubai Festival City, Hotel's Unique Swimming Pool

Intercontinental Dubai Festival City Hotel has a unique swimming pool. The super luxury swimming pool on the roof of the 36-storey luxury hotel is built on the front wall, which appears to be swinging in the sky. This wall is made of very strong glass, from which one can see the unique view of Dubai. The length of this pool is 82 feet, by diving in, you can view the skyscrapers of Dubai, including the Burj Khalifa. One of the main attractions of visitors to the Dubai Festival City remains.

5). Glass hotel hanging in the air, Peru

These three glass capsules hanging from a cliff in the Peruvian valley are quite fascinating to see, but let me tell you that this is a hotel and staying here is perfect for those who want to live in danger. Made of strong aluminum and polycarbonate, the capsules are 25 feet long and 8 feet high. It is like a comfortable room. It also has a separate bathroom. People like adventure in these hotels stop coming only. But to reach here, it is not so easy to spend a night hanging on the Kachtan, for this you will have to climb 400 feet, the cost of one night stay here is about 20000 thousand. These hotels are famous all over the world for their specialty.

6). The world's tallest and tallest glass bridge, China

China has always been in the limelight due to its amazing works. China has built the world's longest and tallest glass bridge in Hunan Province. Made of glass batam, this bridge is built between 2 hills. There is no question of this bridge in strength. To check its strength, at least 20 people made some marks on it with hammers, but apart from this, its strength did not make any difference. For safety testing, Chinese authorities drove a truck weighing two tonnes on it and this test was also successful. The height of this bridge is 300 meters from the ground. Walking on this bridge shows its depth and some people shy away from walking on this bridge. A total of 99 pieces of tempered glass with this 3 meter long, 4.5 meter wide and 15 mm thickness have been installed. This bridge is truly incredible.

7). Kayan Tower, Dubai

The Kayan towers located in Dubai are twisted from top to bottom. On seeing this amazing building for the first time, it may seem like this is an illusion of your eyes, but this building should beHe has been created. It has cost $ 272 million to build. Engineer's Nayab is seen in this building above 300 meters.

8). Fulcreek Wheel, Scotland

If you see this bridge for the first time, you will feel that it is an incomplete bridge. But after watching it for a while you will know that it is a boat lift. In which the boat is lifted and released into another river. It is a type of machine that is used to transport boats from one place to another. There are some routes where the boat cannot be moved because there is a shortage of water, so these machines are used. But let us tell you that it can take hours to use a common type of boat lift, but the fall wheel is done in a few minutes. This machine was first used in 2002.

9). National Center for Performing Arts, China

National Grand Theater of China Located in Beijing, China, this building is famous worldwide for its beauty. Built in the shape of a giant egg, this building is the national center for performing arts. Every person going to Beijing wants to see this building.

10). Absolute World Tower, Canada

Absolute World Tower in Mississauga, Canada. It is the supermodel of modern construction. Looking at it from a distance, it seems that the spiral towers of the building have become slightly bent after hearing the praise. It is also called the second sexiest tower in the world.

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